Saturday, May 10, 2008

PLR Articles For FREE: Where To Get Some Excellent Ones

Good quality PLR articles are the answer to all your online marketing problems and they have gotten many site owners the kind of traffic that they only used to dream about.

Are you running some sort of online marketing program? Or an affiliate marketing site (it really doesn’t matter what product you are selling)? Or even a web hosting site that is sold via an affiliate program of sorts?

If so then you have landed at the right place. Christopher Kyalo offers 100 PLR (private label rights) articles monthly. And you can get them for free for 3 whole months!!

This is an excellent way to add useful, interesting search engine friendly content to your site or blog. You will receive the quality articles (400 words each) daily and they are free for 3 months. You only need to pay a mere 49 cents for each article for the first month ONLY. The other 3 months you will pay absolutely NOTHING.

Get your valuable free PLR articles by only ordering 100 articles for the first month at a paltry 49 cents per article (that adds up to $49 ONLY for 100 quality articles, what many writers charge for a single article) and then receive 100 high quality PLR articles monthly, for the 3 months after that. Membership is strictly limited to only 1,500 members! So you’d better make it quick because with an offer like this one, we are going to get over-subscribed pretty fast. That is for sure.

In addition to this, the first 50 people to order will receive 2 original keyword researched articles (400 words each) for FREE personally written by Christopher Kyalo specifically for their individual website or blog.

Christopher Kyalo is one of the leading online writers in the world on online marketing and affiliate program topics. Google him (Christopher Kyalo) to see the quality of articles that he has written in the past. The PLR articles offered here are completely new and have never been offered before or used anywhere else.

Most traffic experts agree that the most efficient way to get tons of traffic quickly to your site is by using PLR articles. Imagine the effect of posting a massive 100 articles at article directories and at your sites every month? Imagine the volume of traffic you would be able to generate with that number of articles (100 articles every month for 4 months)? Just picture for a moment, the Google Adsense revenue that would come in from all those posts. And don’t forget that for 3 months the articles are free. They will not cost you a single penny!!

In addition the articles will come with valuable tips on where to post them for maximum traffic and how to make the best use of your 100 articles every month for optimum effect and how to make sure that you will never be penalized for duplicate content.

Email me NOW for details on how you can get your 3 months of free articles by ordering your first batch at only 49cts each and then get 3 months of FREE PLR articles for your site. Remember that the first 50 people to sign up for this offer will get two high quality 400 word articles written for them for free by Christopher Kyalo personally.

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Great post Chris, thanks. Some good ideas and a good deal to boot..:)